Why you need your own electronic copy of your health records



Quick access to medical records during an emergency is vital to your safety and the safety of your loved one.


It is sometimes difficult and time consuming to get your existing clinic to send your records to another care provider. We make it easy. You have your records, so you can share them.

Family Care

All your family records in one spot makes it easy to care for multiple people with one login.


Eligibility for studies is usually based on your medical records. You can quickly share your records to get a faster response on your eligibility.


Health Tracking

Having all your information in one place allows you to better understand your health. No more fractured data across multiple portals.

Confirm Accuracy

The rate of errors in medical records is alarming. Your medical records are used to make decisions about your care. They should be correct. Download your records and review them for accuracy.



Your MyLinks account will include your own secure folder to store your important documents: advance directive, insurance information, etc.



You may want to get a pharmacist consult or a second opinion about your care. We make it easy to share a temporary link for consult review.

  • Connect

    Share your symptoms, treatments, and knowledge with others

  • Track your work progress

    Track your devices – Monitor your health and fitness goals

  • Import and export data easily

    Easily import and export data

  • Secure messaging

    Share with family and healthcare providers

  • Connect with researchers quickly

    Together we can change healthcare

  • Get health records

    24/7 access to your records

Your Private Network of Sharing and Caring

A secure place to gather your data from your doctors and devices, connect with family, meet new friends, keep a journal, and connect with researchers. We are just starting our journey together and would love to have you join us.