MyLinks Compared to Competing FHIR Applications

Linking you to 3 important groups:
your physicians (and your data), your family and friends, and researchers.


MyLinks® uses a new way to connect with medical clinics to enable you to gather your health records.

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Linking with others to walk this journey encourages and strengthens us. Join forums and connect with others.

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You can make a difference by participating in research to help find cures faster.

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  • Connect

    Share your symptoms, treatments, and knowledge with others

  • Track your work progress

    Track your devices – Monitor your health and fitness goals

  • Import and export data easily

    Easily import and export data

  • Secure messaging

    Share with family and healthcare providers

  • Connect with researchers quickly

    Together we can change healthcare

  • Get health records

    24/7 access to your records

Your Private Network of Sharing and Caring

A secure place to gather your data from your doctors and devices, connect with family, meet new friends, keep a journal, and connect with researchers. We are just starting our journey together and would love to have you join us.