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Product Guide

  •        Product Guide

Materials for Patients

  •        How to Get Started Using MyLinks
  •        Interoperability Whitepaper
  •        Journey to Better Health Infographic
  •        Patient Provider Letter
  •        Patient Rights Infographic
  •        What is MyLinks Flyer for Patients

Materials for Health Care Providers

  •    Organization Enrollment
  •        Important Information You Should Know
  •        Interoperability Whitepaper
  •        Provider Verbiage Guide
  •        What is MyLinks Flyer for Providers
  •        MyLinks FAQs
  •        Medicaid EP Stage 3 Objective 5
  •        MIPS ACI Measure – Provide Patient Access
  •    HHS FAQ Page on Health Information Privacy
  •   The Access Right, Health Apps, & APIs
  •  Office Table Tent – Email us to order
Tutorial Videos
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