Providing Instructions to Patients

We've created some content to help your organization use our brand to provide patients with instructions for using MyLinks and FHIR.


Per Medicare Promoting Interoperability Program for Eligible Hospitals, Eligible Clinicians, and Critical Access Hospitals, participants are expected to provide patients with detailed instructions on how to authenticate their access through the FHIR API and provide the patient with supplemental information on available applications that leverage the FHIR API. At MyLinks, we've found the best way to meet this rule is to post some instructions about the FHIR applications your health organization is connected to near the information about your patient portal. Here are some examples to help you implement.

More Details:
For eligible hospitals or critical area hosptials (CAH):
07 CY 2023 Provide Patients Electronic Access to Their Health Information.pdf (See page 3)

For eligible clinicians:
2023 MIPS PI Measures Provide Patients Electronic Access.pdf (See page 3)


We recommend posting information about MyLinks near patient portal information on your organization's website. A patient portal account is required for importing medical records into MyLinks. Additionally, some organizations choose to also send an email with information about MyLinks to patients.

Patient Portal / Email Information Examples

Below are three great examples showing how you can post information about MyLinks on your patient portal informational page or provide in an email to your patients.  Feel free to borrow verbiage and modify accordingly.

[Hospital Name] is now connected with MyLinks!

What is MyLinks?
MyLinks is a FREE application that allows you to electronically gather your medical records from all your providers and store them in one place.

What is the difference between MyLinks and a patient portal?
MyLinks allows you to store all your data in one place instead of having your information broken over multiple portals. You can also share your records with whomever you want.

Steps to connecting your data:
1. Establish a [Hospital Name / Patient Portal Name] account.
2. Go to and create an account. (it’s free)
3. Within MyLinks under Health Record select, “Gather”.
4. Search for [Hospital Name].
5. Use [Hospital Name / Patient Portal Name] credentials to authorize the import of your records.

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If you have questions, please contact

*Verbiage in blue text should be replaced with your organization’s information.

Connecting With Other Apps

[Hospital Name] is committed to providing the tools you need to better manage your health. If you’re enrolled in our [Patient Portal Name] patient portal, you’ll have the ability to connect select health management apps to your personal health information. Looking to access your medical records? Access your records by logging into your patient portal here.

Connect Your Health Information to Other Healthcare Apps
To connect, use your patient portal user name and password.

Available to [Hospital Name] patients

What does it mean to connect health apps to your personal health information?
In order to get the most out of health apps, they will often request personal health information. Examples of health apps include medical record management, fitness trackers, diet coaches, pregnancy trackers, etc. Connecting your personal health information enables the exchange of information and allows you to view your information in other apps. *Verbiage in blue text should be replaced with your organization’s information.

*Verbiage in blue text should be replaced with your organization’s information.

Your Health Information All in One Place

MyLinks helps you gather, manage, and share all of your personal health records from one secure location, for free. You can even retrieve records from other organizations to save all of your health information in one place. Enroll in [Patient Portal Name] to take advantage of the additional benefits MyLinks offers. Visit to sign up.

*Verbiage in blue text should be replaced with your organization’s information.

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