Together we can make a difference

All our health data in one place.

You should have your own copy of all your medical records. MyLinks provides a way for you to import and consolidate your records from your healthcare providers and puts you in charge of your own records. MyLinks gives you a single view of how you are doing (instead of having your data fractured across multiple health providers.)

Use MyLinks from any web enabled device.

MyLinks looks beautiful on any device! No worries that losing your phone will lose your data. Your data is accessible to you from any device that can access the internet.

Share your data whenever you need to.

Emergencies happen that require us to quickly share our health data. MyLinks provides a secure method for you to share your data or enable someone to manage your account for you.

Errors or missing data in clinic-based records can negatively impact your care.

Unfortunately, the rate of errors in clinic-based and hospital-based records are alarmingly high. MyLinks allows you to store, add, and correct your own copy of your records. When you want others to have complete and accurate data, you can share your data and know your care team will have the information they need to take care of you.

MyLinks® can help...

For the past two decades, we have been writing software to help doctors understand more about us (patients) - so they could take better care of us. We decided it was time to write software to help us understand more about our health so we could be empowered to take better care of ourselves and those we love.