Learn about the features of MyLinks and how to use them.

Create a MyLinks Account

To get started, create a MyLinks account. Your MyLinks account will give you the ability to import your medical records from all of your healthcare providers. It acts as a container to hold all of the info from numerous data sources.

Forgot Password

See the Forgot Password retrieval process in action.

Gather Medical Records

See how you can import your medical records from your healthcare provider using MyLinks. (Note: You will need to use your healthcare portal username and password to gather your records.)

Can't Find Your Healthcare Location?

Want to gather records from your healthcare provider but don't see them listed within MyLinks? Fill out our missing clinic form and the MyLinks team will work on getting the connection setup.

Manually Add a Record

Add records to your MyLinks account manually.

Export Record to PDF

After you've added your records to MyLinks, you can easily export them to a PDF for printing, emailing, or sharing.

Share Records Using a 24-Hour Expiration Link

Easily share your records for a limited time using the 24-hour expiration link. Great for tele-health visits, consults or temporary access.

Share Access to Your Account

Share your account with spouses, family, caretakers, etc. This option provides you the ability to share your account indefinitely. Whomever you share with will be able to read, edit and view your medical records. They can even import records on your behalf. We recommend using caution with this option. Only share with people you trust with your medical records.

Send Health Records via MyLinks Email

After you've exported your health records, you can send the PDF to your doctor or family member using MyLinks email.

Symptom Tracker

Track your short or long term symptoms with the MyLinks Symptom Tracker to see trends over time.

Connect Health & Fitness Devices

Connect your Fitbit or Withings devices to MyLinks. The data recorded to your device will automatically appear in your MyLinks account.

Enable Two Factor Authentication

Use Two Factor Authentication as an added step to keep your MyLinks account safe and secure.

Manage Data Privacy

Manage your data privacy options within MyLinks. MyLinks offers you 3 unique options: 1) Share your de-identified data with researchers 2) Receive information about research studies you may be eligible for 3) Receive news and updates from MyLinks.

Delete Records in Bulk

MyLinks gives you the ability to manage and delete your records. Simply select the records to be deleted and click "delete". The records will be removed from your account.