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Digital Vaccine Card

When you get your vaccine, you will be given a paper form with important information about your vaccine. We have created a tool to allow you to save all the information and the image of your card in MyLinks. If you happen to lose your card, you will still have the information and image available to you. [NOTE: This is not a vaccine certification or “Vaccine passport”. It is a way to easily save your information for your own needs.]

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Symptom Tracker

Our symptom tracker provides an easy way to track, graph, and share your symptoms.

Resources for providers and patients

We're experts in capturing data, and are the only company using multiple methods to deliver structured data to any location - and in any format. We're here to help your organization take the appropriate action based on patients' responses. Our customizable software solutions allow providers to pre-screen patients to identify COVID-19 risk factors before they arrive, and upon arrival to ensure the safety of all parties involved.

PatientLink Scan®

If your patients are more comfortable using paper forms, we have customizable pre-screening options.

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PatientLink Online®

Pre-screen your patients from the safety of their home with our online customizable web forms.

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PatientLink 360®

PatientLink 360 allows patients to conveniently and securely self-check-in from home or your clinic using any web-enabled device: computer, tablet, kiosk, or smartphone!

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If you have questions about the Coronavirus, please visit the following resource:

CDC - CoronaVirus Information Page

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