Allscripts Honors MyLinks with the “COVID-19 Innovator” Award

The MyLinks team is celebrating the honor of being recognized by Allscripts for the COVID-19 Innovator award during the recent Allscripts Developer Summit. The MyLinks team is appreciative of the support and long-term partnership with Allscripts.

MyLinks provides a free account to assist patients in electronically gathering, managing and sharing their medical records. Steadfast in its initiative to aid and empower patients, their families, caregivers, researchers and healthcare providers, the mission of MyLinks is to also find cures faster – which is an ever-present endeavor during the war our country is currently waging against the coronavirus.

As COVID-19 began spreading its wrath across the U.S. earlier this year, the MyLinks development team quickly sprang into action, creating solutions to assist patients during the pandemic. Their efforts resulted in the creation of two free coronavirus tools for patients:

• The self-assessment tool helps patients determine whether or not they should be tested for the virus.
• The symptom tracker tool helps patients track their symptoms over time – allowing them to provide important information to their healthcare providers.

“We are grateful and honored to win the COVID-19 Innovator award from Allscripts. We all work very hard to continually add new features to help patients manage their care. This was such a critical need and I am very proud of my team for working long hours to create the COVID tools in such a short period of time. It is always nice to get recognition as we run this race together,” said PatientLink/MyLinks’ CEO, Debi Willis.

Debi Willis and her team have been encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive response from healthcare providers and patients who have taken advantage of the free COVID-19 tools. “We are all in this together and happy to help when we see a need that we can meet,” Willis said.

Over 31,000 healthcare providers nationwide are currently offering MyLinks to their patients. No doubt, in the few short minutes it took to read this article, hundreds more new provider locations and account holders will have been added, with tens of thousands more expected by the end of 2020. MyLinks’ Project Coordinator Brian Beahan recently said, “Each day, we see exponential growth in not only the number of providers who connect with us to offer MyLinks to their patients, but in users as well.”

PatientLink’s software engineers are continuing to build and enhance features of MyLinks. We do so because we understand a patient’s need for their health records. The ‘whys of it is simple: we’re patients too.

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