Why Your MyLinks Account is Like a Major Airport

Our world has gone and gotten itself all technical. Who doesn’t have a smart phone these days? We use the internet to order everything from clothes to groceries, to aunt Ginny’s Christmas gift.

It’s kind of funny, I work for a technology company, but I’m the least technology-minded person in the place. But that isn’t a bad thing, since it helps me to explain our products – or even help out in testing them – from a patient’s perspective. So recently, when a patient asked me about our free application MyLinks®, I was able to explain it without using a lot of technical jargon. Simply put, it’s a personal health record which gives patients electronic access to manage their health records. When discussing how it works, I can’t explain how it was built, the format used, or how it was coded (yawn!); and that’s OK by me. Instead, I always explain it like this:

MyLinks is like a major airport hub.

According to BusinessInsider.com, nearly 300,000 passengers travel through Atlanta airport every day and more than 60,000 employees keep the well-oiled machine running. Each and every day, planes filled with passengers taxi in, unload, reload and then take off again.

So it isn’t a far stretch for patients to think of MyLinks as their own personal hub to “fly in” their medical records to their account. And, then when the need or want arises, they can “fly” them out to share with other healthcare providers, caregivers, family, or really anyone they choose. And much like the safest way to travel, they do so securely, via a special kind of technology called Fast Health Interoperability Resources (FHIR). Pronounced “FIRE” and simply put, it’s a special technology which makes it possible to securely send and receive a patient’s medical records via the internet.

You should always have the most current health information about you. Whether you’re perfectly healthy and only have an annual checkup, are chronically ill, or you just have multiple caregivers, it alleviates the burden and confusion of trying to coordinate multiple portal accounts.

MyLinks is your own personal hub. Unlike an airline, there’s no charge for you to fly with us, since your account is

completely free. And better yet, MyLinks places you in the pilot’s seat for managing your records.

MyLinks is available 24/7 without long lines – or TSA agents to go through your stuff.

And there you have it, information from our company’s least technology-minded person.

Start your new account by visiting us at www.MyLinks.com today.



Marketing and Conference Coordinator at PatientLink Enterprises, Oklahoma City.